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Professional Coaching Publications, Inc. (PCPI) was established in 2003 as an enterprise dedicated to the promotion of professional coaching as a multi-disciplinary endeavor that holds the potential of significantly enhancing the lives and careers of men and women throughout the world and the effectiveness of organizations these men and women lead. With an initial emphasis placed on those forms of professional coaching that are engaged within organizational settings, PCPI is in the business of publishing journals, books, and other coaching resource materials that can benefit not only professional coaches, but also those who make use of professional coaching services, those who train and educate professional coaches, and those who conduct research about professional coaching or prepare scholarly reviews and syntheses regarding professional coaching and its many disciplinary foundations.

PCPI has recently expanded its scope and vision, having begun as the publisher of IJCO The International Journal of Coaching in OrganizationsTM — one of the first quarterly journals in the field of professional coaching. PCPI is now not only publishing books and coaching resource materials, but also is offering all of its products in digital as well as printed form. John B. Lazar, the owner and CEO of PCPI, anticipates further expansion of both printed and digital offerings through specific PCPI initiatives, as well as through partnerships PCPI is forming with other organizations throughout the world that are similarly dedicated to advancement of the multi-disciplinary field of professional coaching.

2009 Issue 2
Organizational Coaching
and Change

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The Voice of the Muse
The Voice of the Muse -
A collection
of provocative Musings
by Mike Jay
Creating the Appreciative Organization
Creating the
Appreciative Organization
by William Bergquist
10 Themes and Variations
10 Themes and Variations
For Postmodern Leaders
and Their Coaches
by William Bergquist
and Agnes Mura